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Cojo Bay Advisors is a registered investment advisor that provides purely independent financial planning for people who are making the transition from spending more than they make to saving for the future.

We are not affiliated with any brokerage firm, insurance company or bank.

The firm's main focus is providing investment advice with a particular emphasis on asset allocation, fund or manager selection, and portfolio monitoring and adjusting.

Why Cojo Bay Advisors?

Strong Background in the Investment Industry

Robert Green has worked for a mutual fund company, an investment manager, a bank trust department, and he was a partner in a hedge fund company.

Completely Independent Financial Advice

We will work with any brokerage firm in the country. We are not compensated by third party firms. Our sole allegiance is to our clients.

Low Cost, Common Sense Approach to Investing

We utilize exchange traded funds for many of our clients due to the low cost asset exposure that they offer. We also use closed-end mutual funds and recommend investment managers and hedge funds for special situations.

Consolidation of Financial Affairs

We provide a comprehensive quarterly report which reviews the holdings and performance of each investment portfolio that you own. We then calculate an overall investment performance analysis based on the individual portfolio. You will never again be stumped when someone asks you how your investments are doing. These quarterly reports are crucial for tax preparation, estate planning and applying for a loan.

Superior Client Communication

We meet with our clients every six months to review their progress or to discuss major changes to their goals such as a career change or the birth of a child. We are always available for more frequent meetings with clients and we welcome the opportunity to sit in with our clients when they meet with their accountants, estate attorneys or insurance broker.