Cojo Bay Advisors is proud to support the following nonprofit organizations:

Robert Green and Cojo Bay Advisors believes it is important that we all give back to our communities.

In addition to direct nonprofit support, Robert Green also lends time to numerous local groups. Robert is a contributing columnist for the Squaw Valley Times and has become the “Voice of the Highlanders” by announcing all home basketball games, football games, and ski races for Incline High School.

Robert is a founding board member of the Fallen Waterman’s Foundation and a member of the Friends of the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley.  He is also active in the Swedish American Patriotic League and their major property, Sveadal.  And he is a past member of the Guardsmen of San Francisco.  He is a husband and father and spends his free time skiing, surfing and loving the mountains that surround his home.